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Led by Reverend and Mrs Asumin.

Meets Every Sunday at 2:30pm

CBC Twi Service is a branch of CCBC. The beliefs and faith mirror that of the mother Church CCBC.We are a Bible believing Church with Jesus Christ as our only Saviour and cornerstone. CBC Twi Service is hosted by Reverend Mr and Mrs Asumin. Sunday Service times are 2:30 - 5:30(including 50mins Bible Studies.) Prayer meeting are held every Wednesday 7pm - 9pm and the second Saturday of every month is dedicated for evangelism. Every second Friday of every other month is also dedicated to Night Vigil from 11:30pm - 4:30am.

Our Community

We help members identify their God-given talents and help them develop to Christ-like maturity and prepare them for ministry.

Mission Statement

To lead people to Jesus Christ, teaching them to worship the Lord our God and bring them into membership of the body of Christ.

Our Fellowship

Our fellowship focuses on the love of God to all and glorify God by bringing the gospel to unreached,through our various groups